C.C. Jensen HDU15/25

RMN delivered compact and robust C.C. Jensen Oil Filtration HDU 15/25 PV units to it’s customer

A good example for a small and flexible unit suitable for different applications is the CJC Off-line Fine Filter HDU 15/25. It is used for the maintenance of fluids for power transmission, cooling and for quench oil. The HDU 15/25 is ideal for removal of particles, degradation products and water. The filter is equipped  with a CJC Gear wheel pump. The electric motor can be supplied for all standard AC and  DC voltages. The CJC® Filter Inserts consist of several discs bonded together. The material is either cellulose or cotton linters depending on the fluid to be filtered. The CJC® Filter Inserts does have an enormous large dirt-holding-capacity,

The pump flow is available from 30 – 120 liter per hour depending on application and fluid type.

The unit is equiped with a wall bracket to mount it easily where needed. It can also be equipped with a carry bracket or on a trolley complete with a set of hoses.

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