GreenOil – Standard®

Company Profile GreenOil Standard®

GreenOil Standard is a young and innovative company designing, producing and marketing a series of off-line filters breaking the traditional way in which oil cleaning has been performed for decades.

Since 2008 thousends of filter systems has been installed onboard all types of vessels and in the industry. Leading ship owners and industrial manufacturers have invested in GreenOil products in order to improve operational stability and save maintenance costs. GreenOil developed an unique patented water separator and with that it is the only manufacturer in the world capable to remove all types of water out of the oil: free-, bounded- and emulsified water without harming the oil.  The necessity of absolute clean oil is commonly known as good practice. Downtimes and repairs may be reduced 5-10 times for hydraulic systems, 4-8 times for lubrication systems oils, and lifetime may be prolonged 4-8 times. Improved filtration is thus vital to reduce cost, repairs, and downtimes. The unique combined GreenOil filter yields a new top class standard for particle filtration.

RMN is the official GreenOil Standard® distributor

GreenOil products can be ordered directly form RMN or via our special dealers. In the Netherlands RMN started in 2016 with the first special GreenOil Standard® dealers. These companies are able to carry out the installation of the GreenOil Units and can also take care of all kind of repair jobs on board of ships.

The dealers are well educated and have many years of experience in the shipping industry.


GreenOil Standard offers a complete range with offline filter units such as:

Filter units for Hydraulic oil

Filter units for Engine Lubrication oil

Filter units for Sterntube, Azimuth and Thruster – EAL Bio, Lubrication and Hydraulic oil

Filter units for MDO and Gas oil

Filter unit for ATEX environments

Filter units build on a trolley for mobile use Mobile units & Coalescer units

Heating units for a better flow in low temperatures Pre-Heaters

Filter units for Wind Turbines

Filter elements for the GreenOil units

Short payback time

The large range of products secures a solution for any application using hydraulic, transmission or engine oil.

Your investment is protected by payback periods below 12 months in most applications. Operational costs are extremely low and first of all your machinery is protected from break downs by clean and dry oil securing operational stability.

The cost effective design of the products is not only reducing investments. Maintenance costs of the filter itself is reduced due to the unique maintenance free water separator and the stainless steel design.

No consumables are required to separate water contamination from the oil. Particles are filtered from the oil in a separate filter cannister which is replaced in less than 30 seconds.

Reduce CO2 emmision

The use of off-line filters extend the lifetime of any oil. Every liter of oil reused saves the environment for unnecessary CO2 emmisions.

GreenOil technology contributes to your green profile.

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