GreenOil® Engine Lub. Oil filters

GreenOil Standard® offline filtration units for Engine lubrication oil

GreenOil Standard units are used on many vessels for the filtration of the engine lub. oil. With installation on auxiliary engines and main engines the GreenOil units shows big anual savings in compare to purifiers.

Benefits are:

Oil cleaness level is at same level with the GreenOil filters as with the centrifuges (showed by oil analyzes).

Reduction on oil consumption.

GreenOil can make very realistic precalculations.

A big advantage is that installation of the unit is relatively basic and can even be carried out at sea.

Extremely low maintenance in compare to purifiers.

Operation cost for oil maintenance reduce with around 50% compared with centrifuges.

There is no special training for the crew required for operating the units.

CO² reduction

Short payback time

At this moment units are available for an engine size up to 7.000 kW.

Units examples are:

WP1-P1-30, WP1-P1-100WP1-P2-200WP1-P2-400, WP1-P2-750, WP1-P1-1000

Engine Capacity versus GreenOil Standard Filtration Unit

  pdf serie 30 up to 200

Engine size <150 kW  filter unit WP1-P1-30

Engine size 151 kW – 400 kW   filter unit WP1-P1-100

Engine size 401 kW – 900 kW   filter unit WP1-P2-200

 pdf serie 400 up to 1.000

Engine size 901 kW – 2.000 kW  filter unit WP1-P2-400

Engine size 2.001 kW – 3.500 kW  filter unit WP1-P2-750

Engine size 3.5001 kW – 5.000 kW filter unit WP1-P1-1000