GreenOil® Hydraulic Off-line Filters

GreenOil Standard® Hydraulic offline  filter units

The solution to install on hydraulic installations to maintain ideal oil conditions. Many hydraulic systems are exposed to great temperature differences and harsh environments (sea conditions), increasing the risk of water contamination in these systems. Beside water contamination we also have to face particle contamination. GreenOil Standard offers with their unique offline filter unit the solution for this problems. Filtration with this offline filter units will reach a clean hydraulic oil to NAS Code 2 (NAS1638). This quality is useful for all kind of hydraulic equipment even silt sensitive, aerospace, robots and a pressure of 250-400 bar.

This high quality of oil filtration will give a much longer life time to the hydraulic oil (replacement interval is determined by oil samples), components, pumps, seals etc. Payback time is extremely short. Units are maintenance free. Filter replacement is clean, easy and quick without any oil spillage.

Water separation down to 30 ppm. 

The unique patented water separator dries  the oil in passing a heated air chamber and removes free and dissolved water without damaging the oil by direct heating. Continuous cleaning completely removes all forms of water (free-, emulsified- and bounded water). The water is extracted from the system as condensation.


Cranes, ramps, winches, steering gears, pitch control.


One single filter unit can clean an oil system with a total content ranging from 0 – 10.000 liters of oil.

GreenOil single pump unit:

WP1-B1-30 to WP1-B2-400 complete with a suction pump for non-pressurized systems.  Unit must be installed above oil level of the tank or sump as the oil must be able to return to the reservoir unaided after the cleaning process. The WP1-B series contains a built-in water separator. This patented water separator removes free-, emulsified- and bound water down to 30 ppm. 

The same capacity units are also available as WP1-P series without a water separator. Can be used for pressurized and non-pressurized systems.

GreenOil Standard WP1-B1-30

 pdf showes the the range

WP1-B1-30 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 30-50

WP1-B1-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

WP1-B2-200 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 200-240

WP1-B2-400 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 400-480

 pdf showes the the range

WP1-P1-30 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 30-50

WP1-P1-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

WP1-P2-200 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 200-240

WP1-P2-400 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 400-480

GreenOil Two-pump unit:

Ideal for pressurized systems and for applications where it is not possible to install the unit above oil level of the tank or sump.  This is a pressurized system comprising of two pumps and motor units together with a GreenOil filter, a built-in water separator and integral return tank. The Water separator removes Free-, Emulsified- and Bound water down to 30 ppm. The H3 units are equiped with a GreenOil Pre-heater.

 pdf shows the range

Pressurized system WP2-A3-40 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 40-60

Pressurized system WP2-A3-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

Pressurized system with pre-heater WP2-H3-40 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 40-60

Pressurized system with pre-heater WP2-H3-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120