GreenOil® Mobile Units

GreenOil® Mobile solutions

The WP1-P series for particle filtration for maintenance and emergency use. Can be used for cleaning of lubrication-, hydraulic- and gear oil. The system comprises of a pump and motor unit together with a GreenOil filter. The unit is built on a trolley and equiped with suction and return hoses.  Available in a capacity in filtered oil flow up to 480 liter per hour.

 pdf showes the range of WP1-P units

WP1-P1-100 Mobile Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

WP1-P2-200 Mobile Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 200-240

WP1-P2-400 Mobile Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 400-480

GreenOil WP2 mobile unit

Mobile unit combined particle and water separation for pressurized systems. Ideal for thrusters, sterntube and propeller applications including EAL bio oils. Is used for cleaning of EAL bio-, lubrication-, hydraulic- and gear oil and up to a viscosity of 460 cSt. The system removes water, soot, particles, varnish and any insolubles in the oil. The build-in patented water separator removes free-, bounded- and emulsified water down to 30 ppm. For capacities of a filtered oil flow up to 120 liter per hour. The types WP2-H are equiped with a GreenOil pre-heater. The units comes on a trolley complete with suction and return hoses and is ready to use.

 pdf showes the range of WP2 units

Pressurized system WP2-A3-40 Mobile  Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 40-60

Pressurized system WP2-A3-100 Mobile Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

Pressurized system with pre-heater WP2-H3-40 Mobile Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 40-60

Pressurized system with pre-heater WP2-H3-100 Mobile Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

GreenOil mobile unit 

Another possibility is a GreenOil mobile unit WP1-CH2-100 Mobile. The emergency unit can be used on multiple installations on board. The unit contains a pre-filter unit, a pre-heater and a water separator and is built on a trolley. The unit is capable to remove ≤ 10 liter of water per day

GreenOil® Mobile Coalescer 

A typical emergency unit in case of water leakages. The mobile coalescer is for flexibility mounted on a trolley together with a preheater and acts as an emergency unit. Operates during water leakages (power savings) and is suitable for multiple installations on board. Removes emulsified and free water in oil. Typical water capacity 3 to 6 liter per day (see data sheet). The Mobile Coalescer is capable to remove ≤ 10 liter of water per day

GreenOil Mobile Coalescer