GreenOil® Offline MDO Filters

GreenOil Standard® MDO Filters 

GreenOil Standard complete systems for maintenance and transfer of Marine Diesel and Gas Oil.

The complete range of the WP1-C1 filter units are used for continuous off-line particle filtration and water separation of marine diesel and gas oil.

The units are used for cleaning of marine diesel in tanks or as a transfer system from setting/bottom tanks to day tank. The unit removes particles and water from from the marine diesel and gas oil. The range contains filter units with a capacity oup to 1.200 liter of fuel per hour with a viscosity of 0-46 cSt. 

Units are made of high quality Stainless steel and are provided with a suction pump with a capacity of 6 meter suction height.

The range contains 4 different units. The capacity of the WP1-C1-125 is 125-150 liter/hour, the WP1-C1-250 is 250-300 liter/hour the WP1-C1-500 is 500-600 liter/hour and the WP1-C1-1000 with a capacity of 1.000-1.200 liter/hour.

The unit WP1-C1-500 and WP1-C1-1000 are equiped with a water collect tank as standard. For the 2 smaller units is this water collect tank optional available.

GreenOil WP1-C1 for MDO-125-250-500GreenOil WP1-C1 for MDO-1000