GreenOil® Pre-heater

GreenOil Standard® Oil Heater 

The compact 1600 W GreenOil pre-heater is an electrical thermostat controlled oil pre-heater which can be installed in series with GreenOil off-line filtration solutions or other systems.

The GreenOil pre-heater is designed for heating of oils. The pre-heater is designed with a very low surface load which eliminates the risk of damaging the oil during the heating process.
To improve efficiency the stainless steel pre-heater has a 10 mm insolation layer protected by an aluminium cover.

The pre-heater is equiped with a mechanical thermostat, a safety circuit breaker and a thermometer.

Electrical connection is easily carried out in the connection box and the preheater supports both 3 X 230 Vac 50/60Hz or 3 X 440 Vac 50/60Hz power supply.

For bigger applications GreenOil Standard offers now also pre-heaters with a capacity of 1600W & 3200W. Power supply for this bigger units is 3×440 Vac 50/60Hz.