GreenOil® Thruster & Stern Tube

GreenOil Standard® offline oil filter units for Stern Tube, Azimuth and Thrusters – EAL Bio, lubrication and hydraulic oil 

Removes particles and water from the oil. During normal operation a GreenOil WP1 and WP2 unit runs 24 hours, 365 days as a maintenance unit. It removes particles and water from the oil and keeps the oil in good condition. GreenOil units are suitable for oil volumes up to 3.000 liters. Removes water condensation and minor leaks < 0.25 l/day and particle filtration to 5µ and water down to 30 ppm. For oil viscosity up to 460 cSt.

GreenOil WP1 for non-pressurized systems

GreenOil WP1 series is used for cleaning of EAL bio-, lubrication- and gear oil. The system removes water, soot, particles, varnish and any insolube in the oil. The system comprises of a pump and motor unit together with a GreenOil filter and built in water separator. The Water separator removes Free-, Emulsified- and Bound water down to 30 ppm.

In the Range WP1 the filtered oil flow (l/h) is from 30 to 480.

 pdf shows the range

WP1-B1-30 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 30-50

WP1-B1-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

WP1-B2-200 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 200-240

WP1-B2-400 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 400-480

 GreenOil WP2 for pressurized systems

The ideal system for thrusters, sterntube and propeller applications including EAL Bio Oils. This is a pressurized system comprising of two pumps and motor units together with a GreenOil filter, a built-in water separator and integral return tank. The Water separator removes Free-, Emulsified- and Bound water down to 30 ppm. The H3 units are equiped with a GreenOil Pre-heater.

 pdf shows the range

Pressurized system WP2-A3-40 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 40-60

Pressurized system WP2-A3-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

Pressurized system with pre-heater WP2-H3-40 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 40-60

Pressurized system with pre-heater WP2-H3-100 Filtered Oil Flow (l/h) 100-120

GreenOil Standard during leakage operations

The GreenOil units for thrusters and stern tubes are a very flexible system, means that during leakage a GreenOil Mobile Coalescer can easily be connected to the existing system by using flexible hoses with quick couplings.

The GreenOil Mobile Coalescer WS-C-H-M (emergency unit) consist a coalescer combined with a preheater. It only has to operate during leakages which saves power. The unit is suitable for multiple installations on board. It removes emulsified and free water in oil. Typical water capacity is 3-6 l/day (please refer to the data sheet). During the operation the WP2 unit removes the particles (even salt particles) and the WS unit removes water from the oil. The Mobile Coalescer is capable to remove ≤ 10 liter of water per day

GreenOil Mobile Coalescer


GreenOil mobile unit 

Another possibility is a GreenOil mobile unit WP1-CH2-100 Mobile. The emergency unit can be used on multiple installations on board. The unit contains a pre-filter unit, a preheater and a water separator and is built on a trolley. The unit is capable to remove ≤ 10 liter of water per day