GreenOil® Water Separator

GreenOil Standard® Water Separation Systems

The water separator units are developed for Maritime and Industrial use with materials for all weather conditions. The product range offer a wide range of solutions for removing both free, emulsified and bound water in oils used in hydraulic systems, gearboxes, transmissions and engines onboard ships and in the industry. Practical results shows cleanliness levels down to NAS Code 2 (NAS1638) and water down to 30 ppm.


GreenOils unique, maintenance free water separator dries out all phases of water ensuring maximum performance and improved life time for both oil and machinery. The principle operates with heated dry air in a continuous process which avoids stressing of the oil. The separator continiously removes free, emulsified and bound water without any use of consumables.

Easy Installation

The unit can easily be installed on new equipment or as a retrofit on already operating equipment without interfering the basic operation. Unit comes both with and without a pump. Just connect suction, pressure line and electrical power and you are in operation.

The GreenOil Water Separation system is available as type WS-60 (without pump) and WSP-60 (with a electrical pump unit).

Also available the GreenOil combined systems for Particle Filtration and Water Separation.