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GreenOil Standard offline filter units keeps the wind turbine gearbox oil in good condition

For wind turbines, the gearbox is one of the most essential and important components. The gearbox transfers the rotations from the wings to the generator inside the turbine, which converts it to electrical energy. A gearbox is heavily loaded and will be exposed to wear and tear. If the transmission is worn or damaged, it will usually require an overhaul, or at worst, a complete new gearbox. In both cases, the gearbox must be taken out of operation and often lifted down from the wind turbine with a mobile crane and sent for overhaul or replacement – which generally is a very expensive solution.
Throughout the period of replacement or repair of a gearbox, the turbine is not producing power and therefore not making profit.

Tear and wear on a gearbox is extensively increased as the oil in the gearbox gets polluted with wear particles. Bad or no maintenance of the oil will degrade the oil and increase wear of the gearbox with the risk of a breakdown.
One of the best ways to optimize the lifetime and keep maintenance cost low, and by that getting the best lifetime profit out of the invested equipment, is to make sure that the oil in the gearbox is well maintained.

The main problem in this systems is particle contamination and not water. Therefore the we advise the GreenOil Standard P-models without the water separator. As installation space is quite limited in the wind turbines the compact design of the GreenOil Standard units is a great solution.

The GreenOil off-line filter solution is produced with that in mind.

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See datasheet for example on a Siemens wind turbine