GreenOil for MAK main engine

RMN delivery of 3 GreenOil units for MAK main engines

After a year testing of filtering the Engine Lubrication Oil  with a GreenOil Oil Filtration Unit on a MAK 8M25 main engine running on HFO/MDO, RMN is awarded for  the delivery of another 3 units for its sister vessels. The GreenOil Oil Filtration units will take over the Lubrication Oil Separator completely. GreenOil units saves up 50% in anual cost in compare with the separator with a perfect performance on oil quality. Oil samples showed the great performance of the GreenOil filtration methode, it even removes varnish and soot particles. GreenOil units are easy to maintain. Filter exchange can be done in a few minutes without dirty hands and oil spill on the floor. GreenOil reduce significant your CO² emission.

The picture showes the compact size of the GreenOil unit. The supplied units are equiped with the a start/stop panel and the optional alarm pressure switch.

This shipowner with >100 vessels in their fleet is not only using the GreenOil systems for lubrication oil but also for other purposes on board.

GreenOil can supply units for Engine Lubrication Oil, Transmission Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Wind Turbine Oil and for MGO/Diesel Oil.