GreenOil unit for thruster system

Greenoil – RMN – Holland Propeller Services

RMN supplied Holland Proppeler Services with a Greenoil Oil Filtration unit for thruster systems

The company Holland Propeller Services is specialized in propeller and thruster systems. Installation and overhaul of all sizes of this systems can be carried out by the team of HP-Services. The company is world wide well known in the maritime industry and for years we have a good cooperation with them. HP-Services is also using Wencon Products for pitting repairs in bow thruster units and now they start using the Greenoil Standard Units also.

A common problem these days is that shipping companies must use Bio-Oils for the thruster systems. These oil are highly hygroscopic, with the negative effect that with water in this oil a acid arises what is harmfull for the seals. The sollution is a Greenoil special unit with a patented unique water separator. Greenoil is the only manufacturer in the world capable to remove all types of water (free – emulsified – bounded) out of the oil without harming the oil.

Greenoil Standard tested this for a big propulsion manufacturer with Castrol Biostat 150 oil with outstanding results. Similar tests are also done by GreenOil with Vickers BIOGEAR XP 150 oil and Klüber product Klüberbio EG 2-150 oil. Results are similar to the Castrol oil. Even with adding salt water to the oil, Greenoil removed not only water but also the salt particles and other harmful particles.

Many shipowners are using today the Greenoil units on thruster installations to keep the expensive thruster oil in good condition and protect equipment.

GreenOil can supply units for Engine Lubrication Oil, Transmission Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Wind Turbine Oil and for MGO/Diesel Oil.

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