Prolumia LED Floodlights

The complete new range with Prolumia LED luminaires is avialable.

Prolumia LED Pro-Beam Floodlights

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Specially designed for lighting of billboards, facedes, objects, industrial areas etc.

Available from 60W up to 1000W is this a perfect alternative for metal halide floodlights up to 2000W. Several beam angles and light colors are possible. Rated life hours 50.000.

Prolumia Led Pro-Beam fixture









Prolumia LED High Bay Luminaire

New unique concept which is uses the “heat-pipe” principle to guarantee a long life span and minimum luminous degradation.

Available from 110W up to 440W is this a perfect luminaire for high industrial buildings, factories, port cranes, working areas, loading docks etc. Rated life hours 35.000-50.000

Prolumia LED High Bay 440W