Submersible emergency pump set

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This high quality Stainless Steel Submersible pump CR 360 VWA is no available as a special emergency set. Supplied in a open carry box which can be used as a filter for big particles like leaves, wood, plastic etc.  Complete with 10 meter connection cable and plug, 10 meter woven delivery hose complete with Storz-C couplings and ball float for switching the pump.

Pump type CR 360 VWA with ball float

Power: 230V 50Hz

Capacity: 0,45 kW. (P²)

Qmax.: 11,5 M³/hour

Hmax.: 7,3 Mwk

Hmin.: 1,0 Mwk

Particle: 20 Mm diam.

Rpm: 2900/min-1

Connection delivery: 1.1/4″ Female thread

Impeller: Vortex

Weight: 6,9 kilo