About Us

Since the establishment in 2002, RMN has succesfully developed itself as a leading  technical wholesale company for shipping, offshore and industry with global customers. Knowledge of materials, high service grade and quality products of first class manufacturers and brands, are the basis of our philosophy. Since the start we are well known for our distributorship with Wencon Repair and Maintenance Products. Over the years we developed widely and one of the key points in the company is the range of LED lighting products. With the distributorships of several European manufacturers in LED lighting products and in house specialists we are able to advise our customers in the right way. Within this LED range we are also specialized in ATEX products and equipment. In this 3 business units, WENCON, LED, ATEX we organize several times a year special seminars, where we invite exclusive speakers to inform our customers in the latest regulations and more.


From our premises in Dordrecht (Rotterdam Port Area) we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of products.  Our extensive assortment of over 25.000 articles distinguishes by quality and sustainability. We focus on reducing our CO² footprint constantly. Since we purchased the building letterly all the lighting is removed and replaced by the most energy efficient LED lighting products from our partner manufacturers. At the roof of the building we placed a large number of Solar Panels and the most of our cars are these days electrical vehicles, where every new car that will be purchased the upcoming time will be electric. With our decision to cooperate with European manufacturers the logistic distances are extremely reduced what a significant anual reduction in CO² is and the additional benefit is that we have shorter lead times and are able to offer more custom made solutions.

We have subdivided the assortment in a number of product groups.

Distributorships overview

RMN represents several manufacturers exclusively on the Benelux  market and further.  Only manufacturers with first class branded products. We go for quality, at reasonable price and availability.

24 hours service, 7 days a week

It can happen to everyone, an emergency job, a need for repair job. You can reach us. RMN offers an 24-7 service, 365 days a year you will be able to contact us. With our Service Partners, we are able to carry out all kind of repair jobs on board or on site contact us for the possibilties. RMN Your TECHNICAL WHOLESALER