COVID-19 Lockdown news


As many other European Countries also the Netherlands went into a lockdown due to the increasing infections and to try to reduce to pressure on the hospitals and total health care. This remains in the Netherlands till January 19, 2021.

You could reach us

As a key supplier in the 24/7 economy, you can always reach us also during the lockdown by phone and E-mail.

Warehouse and logistics available to you with protocols

As a wholesaler for the professional Marine, Offshore and Industrial market, we continue to make our services available to you, even during the lockdown. You can continue to order as usual via  our office staff. We will continue to deliver as you are used to from us. We ask for extra attention for our safety protocols when visiting our warehouse for delivery or pick-up goods.

You can reach us

Our staff also continue to answer your E-mail and RFQ’s.

Christmas and New Year

We are only closed during Christmas 25th/26th of December and New Years Day January 1st.

Let us together keep it safe and healthy.