Denfoil Maritime leading the way with 3M

The Danish manufacture of safety signage, Denfoil Maritime, has undertaken big changes in production of photoluminescent safety- and guidance signage by offering high quality 3M foil fot its customers.

“We see clearly advantages in offering the 3M products for our customers” says Sales Manager Thomas Hovmand. “The 3M photolumnescent foil is one of the only foils on the world market which is moiled in the fabrication and not produced in a conventional way where the photoluminescence compound is rolled.” This means that the signs can withstand a much more environmental influence such as warm and cold weather without damaging the signs in form of contractions or simply; falling off the surface.

Denfoil Maritime has already received positive feedback from the ship market towards the 3M and Denfoil Maritime parnership. Key Account Manager by Denfoil Maritime,Mark Ansbjerg, explains:

“The European market has within the last 10 years been flooded with low-quality materials from Asia. The outcome has been that many shipping companies, in our opinion, has been forced to updated there safety signing more and more often than they actually wanted. So by offering a high quality product like 3M the expenses for updating the safety on board can actually be kept down.”

Denfoil Maritime is attending the SMM Fair in Hamburg under the Danish Marine Group pavilion and they are looking forward to introduce the 3M product for its business partners and customers.

For our Denfoil Maritime customers we have a full coloured cataloque with all the Denfoil Maritime Safety Signs according the IMO regulations.

If you send us a request we send you the Denfoil cataloque in a printed version and a digital version.

On request we could make also special signs for our customers, Denfoil Maritime has got a team of qualified designers and the latest technology to design and produce any needed signs.

Repair Management Nederland BV as distributor for The Netherlands and Belgium has got a large stock of Denfoil Maritime Safety Signs.