Doowin Open Bottom Parachute Air Lift Bags

Doowin open bottom air lift bags

Another order with Doowin™ Open Bottom Parchute Air Lift Bags is supplied to a customer outside the Netherlands.

DooFlex™ Open Bottom Parachute Type Lift Bags is designed with water drop shaped units used for supporting and lifting loads from any depth. Its single point attachment is ideal for lightening underwater structures such as pipes, their main application is for lifting sunken objects and other loads from seabed to the surface. DooFlex Open Bottom Parachute Type Lift Bags are fabricated from heavy duty polyester cloth coated with PVC made in Germany. It has a safe working load of 6:1 each.

Customer awarded RMN as Doowin™ distributor for 3, 4 and 5 Ton capacity Open bottom parachute air lift bags. More customers become familiar with the good quality and competitive prices of the Doowin™ products.


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