Emco Controls Float Level Switches

Repair Management Nederland RMN holds stock for many different types of EMCO CONTROLS Float Level Switches.

Since 2009 we are the distributor for this Danish manufacturer. Many ship owners already found  us when they are in the need for Float Level switches. The main reason is that we offer high quality, hold stock of many different types, have competivive prices and we are also capable to supply special configurations, needed for replacement on board.

As a standard we supply the float level switches fully fabricated out of stainless steel instead of aluminium, dry parts AISI304 and wetted parts AISI316. Even the submersible type completely made of AISI316 stainless steel complete with a ship type cable, protection IP68 is direct availble from stock.

Also for float level switches with strange flange dimensions or threaded connections, we are able to offer you short lead times. All products are produced in Denmark.

Are you in the need for float level switches and and looking for an equivalent on another brand and are you not familiar with this high quality manufacturer EMCO CONTROLS contact us and we are happy to offer you the right product that meets your requirement.

Link to our chapter with the full range and information of the Emco Controls float level switches.