Flexberms flexible oil spill containers

Flexberms protects bottom and groundwater against pollution.
The flexberm is everywhere useful to prevent environmental pollution.
The flexberm is easy to transport by car,
Folded is the Flexberm very compact.
The smallest sizes are supplied in a carry bag
Special sizes are available on request.
The side walls of the flexberm will fold out automatic.

Number       Description

94AB8330  Flexberm with carry bag 540 liter
120 x 180 cm
94AB8331   Flexberm with carry bag 810 liter
 180 x 180 cm
94AB8332   Flexberm with carry bag 1560 liter
250 x 250 cm
94AB8333   Flexberm with carry bag 2250 liter
300 x 300 cm
94AB8334   Flexberm 16.875 liter
450 x 1500 cm
94AB8335   Flexberm 22.500 liter
450 x 2000 cm