Knucklehead Gloves

NEW Knucklehead working gloves

Handpalm made of synthetic ARMOR SKIN™ , 4 times stronger than traditional leather. Pre-curved finger design to lessen hand fatique. Contrasting High Visibility materials. Gloves are waterproof. Type Knucklehead X10 is the standard version, the Knucklehead X10K is complete Kevlar stiched and the version Knucklehead X10T is the thermo version with a Thinsulate® liner protects against cold to -20°C.

Neoprene pads on the palm for shock absorbing and thermoplastic rubber protection for the fingertips and thumb. According to CE Cat2, EN 388 (3122).


Available in sizes 9 up to 11.

Number 474401 Knucklehead X10 size 9 (L)

Number 474402 Knucklehead X10 size 10 (XL)

Number 474402 Knucklehead X10 size 11 (XXL)

Number 474410 Knucklehead X10K size 9 (L)

Number 474411 Knucklehead X10K size 10 (XL)

Number 474412 Knucklehead X10K size 11 (XXL)

Number 474420 Knucklehead X10T size 9 (L)

Number 474421 Knucklehead X10T size 10 (XL)

Number 474422 Knucklehead X10T size 11 (XXL)

knucklehead-x10-gloves  knucklehead-x10k-gloves

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