LED Fluorescent Fixtures

LED Fluorescent Fixtures

More often LED lighting is required for use on a ship. We are able to offer many different types of this kind of lighting. In this case it is clear that LED can give a lot of light output without in combination with a low energy consumption. Another benefit is that LED  is less vulnerable for vibrations on compare with standard lamps. Also the lifetime is much longer.

The LED Fluorescent Fixtures are available in the same lengths as standard 18, 36 and 58W fluorescent fixtures.

The range showed on the pictures is for use on 220/240Vac 50/60Hz. Protection is IP65. The color temperature is 4000K.

Picture shows 26W 2000 lumen fixtures, used to replace 2x18W Fluo lamps.

Application done by RMN Service Partner Bas Minderhoud Techniek