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NEW LED Luminaires for office LKAB Netherlands

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LKAB Minerals BV is strategically located in Moerdijk. The quay next to the site can handle vessel sizes up to 20,000 tonnes and the location is next to motorways in all directions. On site LKAB Minerals BV has storage, milling, screening and packaging facilities. The Netherlands office is located on the same premises.

After a testing period of the new Plexiform Parabolic LED luminaires in one office, LKAB  awarded RMN for the supply and installation of this luminaires for the complete office.

The New Plexiform Parabolic LED is a modern louver luminaire for LED light sources of high technical and optical performance. The luminaire has a very low glare rate thanks to aluminum parabolic louvers as well as low power consumption comparing to traditional light sources. Parabolic LED thanks to the innovative optical system is ideal for lighting office spacer, in particular to work with computers.

Old fluorescent luminaires are removed out of the ceiling and replaced by the new luminaires. Existing fluorescent luminiares 300x1200mm (2x36W) are now replaced by 1x27W LED 2970 lumen light output and the square luminiares 600x600mm (3x18W) are replaced by 3×13.5W LED 4450 lumen light output. The customer required also another light color of 4000K instead of the 3000K. The light output of 111 lumen/watt is now much higher and energy savings are approx. 50%.
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