Mascoat for fast tenders for Dutch Pilots

Barkmeijer Shipyards received an order for a new building project of 5 fast tenders for the Dutch Pilots.

3 of the tenders  are the second serie of the new Aquila class vessels and will be build in aluminium. The other 2 vessels looks like the Aquila class vessels but they will have a steel hull and instead of a jet propulsion they will get a propeller. The benefit of this steel hull vessels is that in the pilots can continue their work in ice conditions especially in the Northern Part of the Netherlands.

For sound damping material on this 5 vessels, Mascoats great performing Sound Damping Coating “Sound Control dB” will be used on both types.

Repair Management Nederland B.V. as agent for Mascoat received the order for the Sound Control dB for this 5 vessels.

Proven results on earlier projects with this Mascoat product made it an easy choice.

The major benefits of this specific Mascoat product are:

* Reduction of structure-born noise and vibrations

* Saves Installation time compared to sound damping tiles

* Reduce overall construction time frame

* Excellent vapor barrier

* Keeps substrates viewable at all times

* Protects personnel

* Increase Interior Comfort

* No risk of water entrapment

* Lightweight compared to damping tiles

* Meets IMO/SOLAS guidelines

* Easily repairable if needed.

More info for this specific vessels see the Barkmeijer website.