Miko Marine and Exmar Offshore

Exmar Offshore Services saves time and money by using the special Miko Marine Tanker Kit.

This Miko Marine Tanker Kit contains the high quality patented Miko Magnetic Plasters. This Plasters are developed to seal off openings such as “Sea Chests”, Water Inlets and Outlets on all types of floating structures. This product is approved by DNV for in water repairs and survey below the waterline, for example for renewing Sea Chest anodes or survey of the ship when she is afloat. The Miko Marine Tanker Kit contains not only the Magnetic Plasters but also the special Miko Under Water Magnets.

The Magnetic plasters are available in standard sizes and custom made sizes. Our Miko Marine Naval Architects are able to make the right calculation for special projects.

Miko Marine a fast, reliable and cost saving alternative for a docking operation.