Miko Marine Leak Damage Control

The incident with the vessel Bow Jubail in Rotterdam showed that no matter how safe we all work accidents can always happen.  Luckily there where no personnel injuries but there was environmental damage especially to bird life.

A relatively small leak can give a big oil loss in a short time what cause environmental damage. This makes it important to have the right equipment close by to reduce this loss as much as possible.

The Norwegian based company Miko Marine is a specialized manufacturer in products to reduce oil spills, provide special (patented) Magnetic Patches and Flexishape Patches to close gaps in a ship’s hull.

Miko Marine customer Kystverket (Norwegian Coastal Administration) ordered in 2014 a total of 15 pieces Miko Marine Salvage Kits for emergency respons in case of a ship accident. In Norway Statoil invested in 17 pieces Storage Tank Emergency Kits for their tank farms and refineries. The kits are seen as a valuable form of insurance against environmental damage and the loss of expensive product that would result from a leak opening in a storage tank.

RMN is the Miko Marine agent for the Benelux and we could contribute with the Miko Marine products to a safer Port Area and Coastal Area in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Together we take care for a cleaner environment and life of animals. Be prepared, before it is too late.