Miko Marine MAM-LIGHT Anchor Magnet


Miko MAM-LIGHT small under water anchor magnet. See Schuttevaer NEWS

Miko Marine develloped and produced a new type of under water anchor magnet almost as small as a pencil and with a holding force up to 150 kilo.

This MAM-LIGHT anchor is a very strong permanent magnet to be used as anchor point for divers, small work boats and remote controlled ROV’S.  With this magnet they are able to anchor to a steel surface of a vessel, wind mill foundation or an offshore platform. The MAM-LIGHT can be used by hand or remote controlled. They eye of the magnet is placed in a housing and can with a lever pushed out against a steel surface. When this anchor point is not needed anymore it can be release simple with the lever and the magnet moves into his housing. The MAM-LIGHT can be stored in a double wall steel box which neutralize the magnetic field. In this box the magnet is safe stored for any instruments and also prepared for air-freight. The MAM-LIGHT is protected against corrosion with a special epoxy coating so it can be used in seawater conditions.