Pferd UWER 18/110 Edge Finish NEW

Pferd EDGE FINISH system for work on edges

In addition to a specially designed drive, the PFERD EDGE FINISH system for work on edges includes a cutting tool used for defined chamfering, edge breaking and producing rounded edges on medium large-sized tools.

Trough the selection of the appropriate tungsten carbide cutting inserts and matching tool mounting, exact adge shapes can be created with either 30° or 45º chamfering, or with a defined radius of 3.0mm. The desired chamfer height is adjustable from 1 to 6mm. The special tungsten carbide cutting inserts have a high quality coating and achieve the best stock removal results.

Among other things, rounding edges is a precautionary measure for anti-corrosion protection according to ISO 12944-3, ISO 8501-3 and SOLAS XII/6.3 (Ref. T4/3.01 MSC. 1/Circ. 1198)

Available as angle grinder in 3 different versions, UWER 18/110 EF 230V with out accessories, UWER 18/110 EF-R3/45º TK 230V complete set for 45º radius tools in a plastic carry case, UWER 18/110 EF-30º TK 230V complete set for 30º radius tools in a carry case.

See datasheet for extra information.

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