POLAR CODE Ice Removal Kit

Delivery of Fleet Order of POLAR CODE Ice Removal Kits

RMN is awarded with a purchase order to deliver 19 pcs of POLAR CODE ICE REMOVAL KITS. Since more vessels are starting to sail in Arctic waters during the summer months the need of specific Polar Equipment grows. RMN can supply many types of kits that meets the International POLAR CODE. One of the famous kits RMN can supply is the Miko Marine Polar Kit which is a critical equipment in case of a hull puncture caused by Arctic ice. Another Polar Kit from RMN is this Ice Removal Polar Kit. This kit contains all kind of equipment including health and safety equipment for the crew, to remove snow and ice on board.

Each vessel of this fleet will receive the same Polar Kit and is now well equiped on board in case of snow and ice. Inside the heavy duty pallet box there is a lot of equipment stored dry and clean. In the cover of the box there are 2 signs attached with the overview of the products this kit contains. This will make it easy for the crew to check if all items are still there and when something is used it can easily be re-ordered.