RMN Newsletter Summer 2023

RMN Newsletter Summer 2023 edition

Which topics are in this newsletter:

1) Wencon butterfly repairs, even with pressure test and class approval.
2) With Wencon less downtime on board of tanker vessels due to high quality repairs in less time. Repair instead of renew saves money and reduce significant CO² emission.
3) With Wencon easy transport for your logistic partner and reducing cost due to dangerous goods regulations.
4) RMN Awarded for fleet order for replacement of all floodlights into NTE LED after successful pilot case.
5) RMN and Vyrtych development of new Recessed Ceiling LED Luminaire for vessel accomodation.
6) RMN Relighting of vessel fluorescent deck light to LED in dry-dock. Same size other maker.
7) Miko Marine new Salvage Bag system for damage control and fire departments.
8) Streetlights from NTE Sistemas. A long history in illuminating roads and urban streets with LED. Also Retrofit Modules for Classic Lanterns in Historic City Centers.