RMN Newsletter Summer 2024 Edition

RMN Newsletter Summer 2024 Edition

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Wencon NEW UW LV Coating, designed for spray applications – Spray – Brush  – Eject with capability to apply on wet surfaces.

Wencon NEW CS Hi-Build, sprayable solution with extrem high buidl, abrasion, impact and chemical resistant coating.

Wencon NEW Exhaust Repair Compound, now supplied in a cartridge and enhancing due to its new formula its ECO-FRIENLINESS

JET Pump protection with Wencon’s two layer system

RMN Custom Light Solutions, welcom in the world of LED light

Doublepower!! LED, custom made solutions with the doublepower!! SKY LED for extreme environments

Miko Marine Sea Chest Blanking, multiple solutions for in water repair and manintenance by blanking off underwater openings.

Sealite Marine Lanterns, the SL-75 is now avaialble with satellite connectivity

RMN NEW Product data sheets, updating and refreshing the product datasheets