Rotterdam Bulk Terminal

On the 2 cranes at the Rotterdam Bulk Terminal, problems existed for a long time with conventional Halogen flood lights to light the top hook of the crane. Due to vibration, over- and under voltage the lamps has to be exchanged many times each year. Specially in winter times is this not the most welcome job to do, also the high postition of the fixtures makes this a time consuming job.

Those lamps are very important for visibility the top hook of the crane when the crane arm will be placed in his vertical position. Good light is than needed to see if
the cables will not be damaged.

Just before the winter of 2010/2011 we supplied for both cranes the new Xsafelights LED 36 Watt Floodlight.

After the fixtures where installed there was more light on the crane in compare with the old halogen lamps. During the whole winter time there where no problems anymore with defective lamps.

Another benfit for this customer is that they have made with this fixtures a start with energy savings and they achieved much lower maintenance cost on there light fixtures in compare to the old situation.

After this good results RBT decide to continue this by installing the first new Xsafelights LED Street Light at dark areas on there harbour area.