Rust removing, surface grinding

Pferd CC-Grind® Solid

The ideal grinding disc for removing rust flakes and gasket residue on flat surfaces. Provides 40% more performance in compare with normal grinding discs. Noise and vibration reduced by 50%, dust reduction by 80%. Extremely robust and as safe as a grinding disc, 100% more aggressivity.

Very user friendly and cost effective.

Standard grinding discs and flap discs are a common tool for removing rust, surface grinding and weld seam chamfering. The CC-Grind® discs provides a much better grinding result and and is a lot more user friendly. With this special developed disc, a big saving will be achieved in compare with standard grinding discs or flap discs.

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Pferd CC_GRIND_SOLID_180_SG_STEEL_KOMBIPferd CC Grind Solid InoxPferd CC Grind Solid Flex set