Sealite SL-70 Harbour Safety

The SEALITE SL-70, 2-3NM

The SL-70 model is a high-performance solar marine lantern with a visible range of 2-3NM. The SL-70 is unique in its proven ability to operate reliably in low sunlight conditions. This is due to dual solar modules that are angled for maximum sunlight capture and integrated within the lens. High sunlight regions can adjust the intensity of the SL-70 to achieve a range >3 NM (colour dependent). A larger 16Ah battery pack is available for regions where additional autonomy is required. The SL-70 is designed to be maintenance-free, installed in minutes, and has a service life of up to 12 years. Optional GPS synchronisation allows two or more units to be set to the same flash character, allowing the lanterns to flash in unison. Synchronised flash helps to clearly distinguish from other aids to navigation and background lighting – ideal for rivers, marina entrances, channel marking and aquaculture applications. GPS sync improves visual recognition of boundaries or water channels, helping to ensure safe passage for ships and vessels.

In this specific case the lanterns are planned to use in the Sea Port of Gent Belgium. Due to the area the choise is made for the 16Ah battery pack to have extra battery capacity especially in winter time. RMN & SEALITE can provide as service a Solar calculation for their customer to offer the right combination of lantern, solar package and battery pack.