Sealite Solar Barge Lights

RMN secured a large PO for Sealite Bargesafe 3NM Solar Barge lights

The last quarter of 2020 received RMN a PO for the delivery of 68 pcs of the Sealite 3NM Bargesafe Solar Barge Lights. The lights had to be delivered under an enormous time pressure, which was a big challenge during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This number of Barge Lights is never on stock at Sealite and the production takes place at the Sealite facility in Australia. Due to all lockdowns, restrictions and logistic problems the delivery is done in 3 partial deliveries. In normal circumstances the production time is approx. 4 weeks and 2020 was far from normal. It was very stressful for our customer, RMN and Sealite as well to get this done in a reasonable time. With a special courier we managed it to pick-up the last batch at the Sealite plant in the UK when it arrived from Sealite Australia a couple of hours before the UK went in total lockdown. We were very pleased that with all extra effort we delivered the order before Christmas to the customers warehouse.

We are grateful that everyone went to the limit to get things done on time during this difficult times.