The Swiss Solutions SOPEP OIL SPILL RESPONSE CONTAINERS filled with OIL ONLY ABSORBENTS are distributed world wide. More and more customers discover the good quality and competitive prices of the Swiss Solutions products. Customers in Europe, Azia and the Middle East are using frequently our products and are very satisfied about the quality and fast delivery. If needed we also take care for global transport with our reliable specialized logistic partners.

Available are now the complete new datasheets with also an overview of the refill products.

1100 liters (1 container), 7 barrel (2 containers) and 12 barrel (3 containers) filled according to the directive of IMO-O.P.A. & US COAST GUARD. Sopep regulations explained in the datasheets.

Also available 7 barrel (1 container) and 12 barrel (1 container) filled according to the IMPA numbers 23 25 31 and  23 25 32.

Optional: Make a custom made Oil Spill Container and fill it with your required OIL ABSORBENTS

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