Special custom made doublepower!! lighting project


The company doublepower!! received from us a special request from our customer. Produce in a window frame of two weeks 3 pallets with the high output doublepower!! SEA LED IP68 luminaire complete with a special heat resisitant and chemical resistant offshore cable. The luminaires are also fitted with the optional protective foil over the borosilicate glass tube for improved safety. Now the luminaires are plug-and-play when they arrive on board. The shipment includes special junction boxes fitted with a Din-rail and terminals to install the light fittings within a short installation time.

The factory needed only 2 weeks between receiving the PO and delivering to our RMN warehouse. A few hours after the shipment arrival in our warehouse, the products were checked and delivered to the customer.

Thanks to the amazing team of our manufacturer doublepower!! we could fulfillĀ  the needs of our trusted customer in time.