Valve overhaul with Wencon

Valve overhaul & Wencon Ceramics

Wencon Ceramic Cream and Wencon Ceramic Coating are highly useful for rebuilding and protecting butterfly valves. For one of our customers the company ARP is taking care of the complete overhaul of a series of butterfly valves for the seawater system on board of seagoing vessels.

Rebuilding the valve body, Wencon Ceramic Cream is used. For extra protection a two layer Wencon Ceramic Coating is applied. The benefit of the Wencon products is that they are metal-free and avoid (and protects) the butterfly valves against galvanic corrosion. Both curred Wencon products are machinable.

The company ARP can offer all kind of valve overhaul applications. The workshop is equipped with the best machine tools to carry out each job.

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Wencon Ceramics on Butterfly valve