Wencon Bow Thruster Repair

Bow Thruster housing repair with Wencon Ceramic Cream

A common problem on bow thruster housings is bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion. Wencon Ceramic Cream is an ideal product for repair of the deep damages. Filling the gaps and pittings can easily been done with this high quality wear resistant cream. When the product is cured it can be fully machined. In this case especially on the flange edges it is needed to machine after curing. Over the Wencon repair a double coating (600 micron) can be applied with the Wencon Ceramic Coating.

Job is carried out in the workshop of Holland Propeller Service B.V. This company is specialized in repair and installation of thruster systems. For information about thruster and propeller repairs and installation call phone number +31 (0)487 50 72 51.

Holland Propeller Service B.V.  Expeditieweg 21, 6657 KM Boven-Leeuwen Nederland. Email: info@hp-services.nl