Wencon Custom Made Repair Kit

Wencon Custom Made Repair Kits for a Dutch Shipping Company

RMN can supply special custom made Wencon Repair Kits. The Box is filled according to the requirements of the customer.

This specific shipping company is a regular customer of Wencon Products. We guide the crew and superintendent through a Wencon Repair job during the current COVID-19 situation. This made it possible to make a successful repair job without any external service engineers on board. Many repair jobs can easily be carried out by the crew using the Wencon Repair Kit with the manualĀ  inside which describes a large number of repairs. After this repair success the request came to provide 4 of their similar vessels with a new updated and so named custom made Wencon Repair Kit. One Wencon Repair Kit was delivered direct on board in the Port of Rotterdam and the remaining 3 are shipped out to the warehouse of the vessel owner. RMN supplied the Repair Kits within 24 hours.

This is another example how the Wencon Repair Kit become suddenly of great value on board. Vessel has no delay and crew is pleased with the support from RMN.