Wencon Sea water inlet repair SCH81 Carolien

Our Wencon Service Partner Venus & de Waard carried out the refurbishment of a big sea water inlet on board of the stern trawler SCH 81 “Carolien” of  the fishing company Vrolijk.

After the surface preparation and steel repair the service engineer of Venus & de Waard applied the 2-layer Wencon Epoxy Coating system white & blue in a total thickness of 600 micron. The Wencon product is complete metal free and protects the steel inlet against bi-metallic corrosion. After curing the inlet is ready for service and with the new smooth surface easy to clean and easy to inspect for damages.

Wencon 2-component epoxy products for a long protection against bi-metallic (or galvanic) corrosion. 

Contact persons Venus & de Waard for Wencon repair jobs are: Andé Scholting & Paul van der Hoek.