ZETTEX Chemicals for Marine, Offshore and Industry

RMN supplier of Zettex Chemicals expand the range of Zettex Products. New in our datasheet are the Zettex protective sprays and assembly products.

The latest development is the Zettex MP-800, a high-quality Ceramic paste designed to protect all type of metals. It can resist very high temperatures (+1000°C) and is resistant against chemicals, salt,acid and water. Zettex MP-800 is an alternative to user-unfriendly and environmental harmful copper grease. Prevents cold friction on stainless steel bolts.

For the Marine and Offshore our special Zettex Cleaners and degreasers are an enviromental safe answer to many harmful chemicals. Many of the Zettex products are biodegradable.

Download now our new datasheet with all info about this Zettex Range of Products.

Zettex MP 800