BOSKALIS NEDERLAND has choosen for Durable and energy efficient LED lighting from Vyrtych

The Dutch Dredging Contractor and Marine Service Provider Boskalis has choosen for the Vyrtych FOX-LED indoor luminaires for their Portocabins and Canteen Cars on site. Goal was to make a significant reduction in energy consumption with low maintenance cost, long lifespan, PstLM (perception of short-term light modulation) free and an extremely low glare (UGR) value.

Vyrtych is an European manufacturer based in the Czech Republic represented by RMN. They develop and produce the entire range of luminaires in their own factory in tyhe Czech Republic.

EU / SLR Directives:

Boskalis made already a step to be future-proof because from August 25, 2023 there is a ban on many Fluorescent light sources including the widely used T8 & T5 tubes.

PstLM standards from 09-2024

Boskalis meets already the future standard regarding PstLM with this FOX-LED luminaires.

Do you want to now more about all current and future EU-Directives, contact our light specialists.