Lighting Project Bulldozer Workshop – Port of Rotterdam

RMN has completed a project for the complete renewal of the lighting of a bulldozer repair workshop in the port of Rotterdam. The workshop was still lit with high pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lighting. The light output of the existing lighting no longer met the requirements of the customer and thus there is a completely new light calculation for both parts of the building. The 8 meter high hall is equipped with the latest Faeber Uniform luminaires with 400W discharge lamps HRI – T . The 6 meter high hall is partly covered with the same fixtures and above the working band are the latest Trevos Perun T5 fluorescent fixtures supplied . The Trevos Perun T5 fixtures are made of anti- corrosive metal sheet combined with a tempered glass safety glass. This also ensures that maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. Both fixtures are IP65 and designed specifically for industrial environments . The fluorescent fixtures are equipped with the latest Radium 80W/840 T5 fluorescent tubes . By making use of this 2x80W fixtures , it was possible to achieve  a lower power consumption in combination with a higher light output and a much lower number of fixtures. Both luminaires provide a bright white light with a Ra8 value, for a very good color rendering . The light image has become much quieter , making it comfortable to work in this environment. The customer has taken care of the installation of the lights themselves. RMN made 4 different options in lighting for this customer offer, all of which were provided with a detailed calculation of light. In this way, the customer has the opportunity to choose from different light fittings in different price levels. The customer has taken care of the installation of the lights themselves. The project is successfully completed to the satisfaction of the customer. RMN provides the opportunity to address any lighting project and to come to the wishes of the user with a solution. Lighting calculations are among the possibilities.

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