RMN Mascoat news in newspaper Schuttevaer

The shipping newspaper Schuttevaer published at Juli 11 2012 a full editorial item of the  Mascoat sound damping coating Sound Control dB and the thermal insulating coating  Marine DTM. There was a short editorial story on the  website of the Schuttevaer and a full story in the newspaper with the explanation how this 2 unique products perform.

Too much sound in the accomodation on board of vessels becomes more and more a problem due to new restrictions and also the problem of corrosion under the insulation, condensation on the ships hull and an unhealthy environment is a well known problem.

Mascoat, as developper and manufacturer of this coatings can solve this problems with the unique and proven Mascoat Products. Since 1995 is Mascoat on the market and became the world market leader in insulating coatings. Product development  is a continuous process to achive each time a higher standard in quality for his users.

Mascoat has got customers in many different industries like: Shipping, offshore, industry, petro-chemical, automotive, aviation and the super yachts.

Repair Management Nederland (RMN) is for many years the agent for the shipping and offshore for Mascoat.

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