Scrubber discharge pipe problems solved with Wencon

Wencon Protective Coating Systems for steel scrubber discharge pipe pieces

These day’s thousands of different seagoing vessel operate with an open loop exhaust gas scrubber system. As scrubber waste water is corrosieve with a extreme low pH-value, problems occur on the discharge pipes. This is a critical part of the system which is connected to the overboard opening of the ships hull. The moment that a serious leak problem on this carbon steel pipe piece occur the vessel will be confronted with water ingress into areas such as engine room, cargo holds or ballast tanks. This is an extreme serious situation for ship and crew. In some cases this was already happening after about 1 year or less. The cause of the accelerated corrosion can be identified by not having properly applied protective coatings or paints at the inside of the pipe section, welds, flanges and hull plating near the wash water discharge or the applied coating cannot withstand the low pH wash water. This always result in expensive repairs because the vessel has to visit a repair yard for dry dock which is very costly.

WENCON and RMN are now for several years involved in repair methodes for this specific problem. With the special Wencon Coatings and application guidelines we have achieved the right result. Diver inspections after 1 and 2 years showed no negative effect on the Wencon Coatings and no corrosion anymore on the treaded parts. If the current discharge pipe can be repaired will be varify from case to case. Sometimes a new pipe section has to be produced and the right thickness of the special Wencon Epoxy Coating product will be applied on it.

Also for repairs into other sections of the exhaust wash installation, Wencon developed a repair method together with it’s partners. For the GRE Pipe systems Wencon developed special GRE Repair Kits.

For more info about this specific item and other so named cold repairs contact our Wencon Product Specialists.