Temporary Buoys at the Wilhelmina Channel

Project Wihelmina channel Tilburg:

RWS, Province Noord Brabant, Consortium HeijmansBoskalis and Fiber Core Europe hit ‘innovative hands’ together

The widening Wilhelmina project in Tilburg has a scoop. The new channel lock III, which will be fit mid 2015, features the largest composite lock gate of the world. The main doors measuring 6.2 x 12.5 meters and the smaller one 6.2 x 5 meters. The use of composite gates is a joint initiative of the province North Brabant, Heijmans Boskalis consortium and the innovation of Rijkswaterstaat. Rijkswaterstaat encourages the use of fiber reinforced plastics because this material is strong, durable, lightweight, easy to install and maintenance free.

The project is carried out between Januari 2014 and 2016. After finishing the project the channel ready for class IV vessels.

Boskalis is taking care for the widening and deepening of the channel over a length of 5 kilometer. For this project Boskalis needed temporary buoys for the waterway marking for the existing shipping in the channel.

RMN supplied this buoys complete with custom made brackets for buoys lights and  the anchoring materials. The buoy lights are the KONSTA which are continuous lightingin combination with an automatic daylight switch. 

RMN is supplying more often buoys for special projects. In the begin of 2013 special buoys and anchoring materials are supplied to GEOSEA for the ALSTOM windpark project in the North Sea where the largest offshore wind turbine is installed.

Markeringsboei met vuurtorenlampVuurtorenlamp aan antidiefstalbeugel op aangepaste boeiplaat