Salvage residential boat

Refloat of a sunken residential boat

Friday the 9th of May 2017, Tender & Marine Service received from the fire department Vlaardingen an emergency call about a sunken residential boat. This type of boats are very common on the Dutch canals and they are mostly built on a steel or concrete barge. This specific one is build on an old steel barge and major leaks occure. The barge sunk to the bottom of the canal and a risk of polution was there.

A salvage crew of Tender & Marine Service went immediately to the location with pumps and DOOWIN TOTALLY ENCLOSED AIR LIFT BAGS. They managed within a few hours to get the barge refloat and dry. The leakages where stopped using Wencon Under Water Epoxy Products and Rapid Curing Concrete supplied by RMN.

The good cooperation between Tender & Marine Service and RMN made this salvage successful.