Wencon® UW Products

Wencon UW Cream

Wencon UW Cream is an epoxy compound that can be applied on wet surfaces even complete under water. It is also common used on dry surfaces due to it’s extreme good adhesion properties. The product is used for rebuilding or as a filling compound.

Easy mixing ratio 1:2. To apply with spatula. Fully machinable.

Wencon UW Coating

Wencon UW Coating is an epoxy coating that can be applied on wet surfaces or complete under water. It is been used for protection of all kind of metals against corrosion and bi-metallic corrosion.

Easy mixing ratio 1:2. Brushable product.

Wencon UW Putty

Wencon UW Putty is a two-component compound, to be applied on wet surfaces or under water. The product shows an outstanding adhesion to all metal surfaces and makes the Putty highly suitable for repair of corroded and worn metal. Wencon Putty is non conducting and therefore not cause bi-metallic corrosion.

Mixing ratio of Wencon UW Putty is 1:1


Wencon UW Cream 1014    IMPA 812334 

Wencon UW Coating 1035, orange IMPA 812336

Wencon UW Coating 1036, brown

Wencon UW Putty 1012       IMPA 812591