As distributor for DOOWIN™ DooFlex, Repair Manangement offers a complete range products made of heavy duty PVC, TPU Coated fabrics.

DOOWIN™ DooFlex is a leading company in design and manufacturing of products made of heavy duty PVC, TPU Coated fabric (Made in Germany). DooFlex products pass rigorous ISO9001 quality management system. DooFlex is the first choice by many key industry suppliers, contractors and end-users.

DooFlex products include:

  • Underwater Air Lifting Bags
  • Salvage Pontoons
  • Special Inflatable Buoyance Products
  • Flexible Bulk Liquid Storage (Container Flexitank)
  • Marker Buoys & Fenders
  • Water Test Weight-Bags
  • and so on.

DOOWIN™ is qualified as SGS Audited Supplier.

Quality Guaranteed:

All DooFlex™ Total Enclosed Air Lift Bags are manufactured and tested comply with IMCA D016, Rev3-june 2007 Guidelines. Quality is approved by SGS & UKAS in accordance with ISO9001:2008.

Total Enclosed Lift Bags PDF

DooFlex™ Total Enclosed Type Lift Bags (Salvage Tube) is one kind effective alternative of Open Bottom Parachute type lifting bags. They can be used for supporting static loads in shallow water and on the surface, pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates and military equipment. Totally enclosed lifting bags offer an invaluable method of reducing the draught of vessel and lightening underwater structures. Then also provide an ideal form of buoyancy for cable or pipeline float-out operations and river crossings.



Enclosed Pillow type lift Bags PDF

DooFlex™ Enclosed Pillow Lift Bags are one kind versatile lift bags with totally enclosed pillow type. It can be used in shallow water with the maximum lift capacity for the re-floatation work and towing jobs, and in any position – upright or flat, outside or inside structures. Perfect for vessel salvage, automobile recovery and emergency floatation systems for ships, submersibles and ROV’s.


Open Bottom Air Lift Bags PDF

DooFlex™ Open Bottom Parachute Type Lift Bags is designed with water drop shaped units used for supporting and lifting loads from any depth. Its single point attachment is ideal for lightening underwater structures such as pipes, their main application is for lifting sunken objects and other loads from seabed to the surface.



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